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Episode 104: The Wizard (1989) // I love the Power Glove...It's so bad!

January 29, 2024 John and Jay Episode 104
Back in the Day with John and Jay
Episode 104: The Wizard (1989) // I love the Power Glove...It's so bad!
Show Notes

Yes, Lucas, that's correct, the Power Glove is bad.  We conclude our video game movie month with the most video gamey movie of them all....The full length feature disguised as a Nintendo commercial known as "The Wizard".

"The Wizard" is a 1989 American adventure comedy-drama film directed by Todd Holland. The movie follows the journey of a young boy named Jimmy Woods, who possesses exceptional skills in playing video games. Jimmy's older brother, Corey, discovers that Jimmy is not just an ordinary gamer; he is a video game prodigy with unmatched talent.

The film begins with Jimmy being institutionalized by his family, who misunderstand his behavior as a sign of emotional distress. However, Corey realizes that Jimmy's skills can be showcased at a video game competition in California called Video Armageddon. The brothers embark on a cross-country journey to reach the competition, encountering various challenges and making new friends along the way.

During their adventure, they are joined by a girl named Haley, who has her reasons for running away from home. Together, they face obstacles, including encounters with a rival gamer named Lucas and attempts by Jimmy's parents to bring him back home. As the trio gets closer to their destination, the true reason behind Jimmy's institutionalization is revealed, adding emotional depth to the narrative.

"The Wizard" is notable for featuring Nintendo products prominently, as it was partially conceived as a promotional vehicle for the company's games and consoles. The film taps into the burgeoning popularity of video games in the late 1980s, combining a road trip narrative with elements of family drama and competition. Overall, "The Wizard" is remembered as a nostalgic journey into the world of 1980s gaming culture, complete with memorable gaming moments and a heartwarming story of family and friendship.

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